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Chhattisgarh is state and bastar is divisional headquarters of district Narayanpur. It is created Police district on Jan 2003 and Revenue district on 11 May 2007. It was made from Bastar district. Narayanpur city is the administrative headquarters of this district. In the district there are 02 Revenue Sections, 02 Tehsil, 02 Development Block, Narayanpur and Orchh. There are 366 villages in this district. The area of Narayanpur district is 20.98 km². The district of Narayanpur expanded from 19 ’05 north latitude to 19′ 55 north latitude and 80 ’40 east from east to 81′ 30 east. The geographical area of this district is 6640 square kilometers. The forest is spread over 1238.91 sq mi in this district. Here are mainly forests, teaks, building trees, bamboo and flower bush etc. in the forests. According to the 2011 census, the total population of this district is 1,39,820. More than 70% of the total population is tribal people, such as Gond tribe, Maria, Muria, Dhruv, Bhatra, Hala tribe etc.The main means of movement in the district is the road link which connects Kanker from north direction and in the east to Kondagaon. Narayanpur road is the main road of Sonpur, 26 km. Narayanpur is situated at Ravaghat, 18 km away on the main road on the Anantgadh (Kanker) route, which is covered with high mountain ranges, green furnishings. The “NIBRA” river in the district Narayanpur flows in the Abujhmad area through the district Kanker and the “KUKUR” river is considered to be the life-long river for the people of the region.

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